youngies journey

By youngie66

Mr Watson I Presume !

Well this is my best mate Stevie we started our railway career together 23 years ago although now I drive for Xc trains and Stevie for Virgin as our depot split around five years ago and we opted for different companys any how every once and a while we meet up on our days off and head up to the public gallerys of the high or sherriff Cout as Stevie would say hopefully its a juicy case but usually its full of Skanks lol well we were not dissapointed Skanks it was both on the witness stand and in the dock the guy was up on three charges two guilty and one not proven for brandishing s weapon in a threatning manner but he had been in prison on remand so time served meant he was to be released after serving a few months in the slammer so this shot is of Stevie enjoying his pint in Greyfriars Bobby's Bar in Edinburgh hiding out of the horrible weather with a couple of beers between best mates

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