With friends like this ...

My turn today to host the Music group session. Because of Christmas interruptions and group traditions at this time of the year, it's been two months since I've been in the hot seat. One of my reasons for hosting regularly on the second Saturday of the month is that it forces me to clean and tidy the house at least with that frequency. I'm not really saying that it's two months since I've done any sweeping or dusting or hoovering or tidying, but still I was out of the bed at 7.00 am to tackle the house and get it shipshape for the influx.

In the process I came across these jokey presents given to me for Christmas by so-called 'friends'. Whatever about the colouring book as an aid to my graphic design work, I really can't understand why any of my acquaintances would think it appropriate to give me a hangover cure, or to suggest that I have a problem with alcohol abuse. As it turns out, the contents of that particular box are nothing more sinister than glorified teabags which are supposed to go in one's bath water -- I can't see how that would help cure a hangover.

It was all a bit touch-and-go in terms of getting the place ready, not helped in thew slightest by the sore back which still persisted this morning. So the first arrivals came to the door while there were still a few surfaces that hadn't been visited by a duster. No-one was nasty enough as to say anything about the dust, the music selection was enjoyable and nicely varied, everyone was in good form, the Christmas stories were flying -- all in all, a really good session.

We had a short follow-on chat session in my local pub afterwards, after which it was time to return home for a bite to eat before heading across the city for a relaxing evening chez Carl.

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