Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Still subdued

I've calmed down a bit after yesterday's brush with the law leeches, but my nasty sniffly/sneezy cold brewed up again overnight and confined me to barracks yet again today.

I alternated spells of napping, reading, eating and hot-drinking with a touch of blipping while the sun's rays streamed into the house and made me long to be outside. I toyed with the idea of going really moody to match the way I was feeling, but opted instead for something a bit more bright and opulent. This is an extreme close-up of part of the lid of a little urn-type souvenir a friend brought me back from Thailand some years ago (there's a shot of the whole lid here to give an idea of just how close the close-up is. (The actual blip is a totally different shot, of course.))

Time now for a nice warm refreshing bowl of soup, and then I think maybe another little nap.

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