AC1904 YYZ-EDI delayed departure

I photographed this plane earlier today in the belief that it was the one that would carry us home to Edinburgh this evening. We did sit inside it for about 2 hours - then we all had to disembark because a technical fault meant that it was not safe to fly. We can only conclude that even aircraft are not immune from the Louisville lurgy! We now expect to leave on a different plane somewhat later than expected.

In other news, I finally emerged from my sick-bed at lunchtime today. I'm still not 100%, but well enough to travel.

Mr hazelh and I are very sorry to be leaving Canada and our wonderful cousins. We have had a great holiday (despite the Louisville lurgy).

By the way, I had to backblip pictures from last Wednesday onwards. From here onwards you will find out more about flu in the forest.

Exercise today: none

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