Pyjama ladies

I had another rough and painful night with barely any sleep, then spent most of the day still poorly in bed (again). I can't say how grateful I am for wonderful Canadian plumbing and the endless supply of hot water that fills the bath every couple of hours when I need to ease my pain.

By early evening I realised that I am no longer feverish. This is progress  - hurrah! This meant that I could join my family for supper (wonderful borscht) and watch some television with them for a while. My blip shows my feet with those of don_T, who is also still suffering from the lurgy.

While not on nursing duty, Mr hazelh had a great day. He went rowing again with Mr don_T (blipped by don_T), taught Mr don_T how to edit videos, and worked out why the don_Ts' Internet connection is slow.

Exercise today: none

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