Defying Gravetty

I have visited the Grand Canyon previously but today we visited a different place on the north rim which involved a 60 mile off road 4x4 drive.  

When we got there we were the only people there which was quite a different experience from our previous experience on the south rim.

I hate heights and my time there was pure purgatory.  I therefore couldn't take many shots and spent most of the time well back from the edge which was half a mile straight down to the Colorado River.

.... unlike other people who seemed to have a death wish as you can see from this picture which shows John Gravett paying little concern for his welfare - or gravity for that matter.  Perhaps thats where his name comes from.

Our trip is coming to an end with one more photo location tomorrow before we drive to Las Vegas for our journey home.  It's been a great two weeks but I'm exhausted and ready to go home.

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