Buckskin Gulch

It was a three hour drive from Kanab to Las Vegas but as is the norm on this trip Mike (the driver) first took us one hour in the wrong direction to a canyon called Buckskin Gulch.

It was very hot (47 degrees at one point on our drive to LV) and the walk was quite hard.

I have never been to Petra in Jordan but this was how I imagine it to be but without the crowds.  There was hardly anyone else there.

There were even some ancient petroglyphs probably carved before white settlers arrived in America  (See extra)

We are now in Las Vegas.  When Jane and I were here for a day 20 years ago we said if we never came again it would be too soon and that still stands.  What a brash,  vulgar but rather fascinating place.

We have to endure another half day here before we fly back to UK :-(

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