A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


The second day of September and this is literally the first Peacock butterfly I've seen in the garden this year. It is actually the first butterfly I've seen other than whites.

I commented to AMS1 yesterday who had just blipped her first garden butterfly, that maybe it would be my turn today. I wasn't confident as her's was on a Buddliea and I know mine has pretty much finished.

The whites have been very keen on the Everlasting Wallflower and that is where this rather battered Peacock was today. I nearly gave up trying to capture it as it flew off every time I approached and I felt guilty that I was depriving it of it's feed.
Think it just got used to me in the end.

Lovely day with a hint of autumn but perfect for finishing off my garden tidying/weeding which I left last weekend.

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