Ferry tragedy illusion in Sound of Mull!

This Blip does prove that the camera can certainly lie! Mrs M and Daughter 2 were going off for a holiday, so dropped me off at the library with a heavy bag of books. 

On the way back through town I watched the 'Isle of Mull' coming in, so thought I would take a trip over to that island while the sun shone - one of the benefits of living in a ferry port.

On the way over I was watching the 'Clansman' heading towards Oban on her return from Colonsay and Islay when she emitted a huge puff of smoke from her funnel. I'm not sure what was going on, but she did seem very close to this cargo ship. However all was well as the 'Clansman' turned to starboard and passed down the port side of the other ship. Disaster averted and front page photograph becomes Blip for the day!

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