A time for everything

By turnx3

Much Wenlock

Yesterday, we left Appleton, and drove down to the village of Much Wenlock, near Shrewsbury, where we are spending a few days with my brother Peter and his wife Judy, in a converted barn. My sister Janet will be staying on a nearby campsite in her small motor home. We left after breakfast, leaving what we thought was plenty of time to get down to Much Wenlock for 1pm when we were meeting Roger's sister Pamela and husband Mike at a pub/restaurant in a nearby village. Unfortunately, as we were about 25 minutes away, Roger managed to hit a curb, and the next thing we knew, we had a flat tyre! We were on a country road, so we had to keep driving a little way before there was a safe place to pull in and change the tyre. We then had to take all our luggage out of the boot/trunk to get to the spare! However, we eventually got it fixed and were on our way, arriving only a couple of minutes late, and we pulled in to the car park at exactly the same time as Pam and Mike. Sadly, Mike was not feeling at all good - having a really bad throat and virtually no voice, so he mainly just listened while the rest of us talked, but it was good to see them anyway.
We were joined today by my nephew Andrew, who drove from Gloucester to spend the day with us. We spent the morning wandering around the very attractive village of Much Wenlock and visiting the ruins of the Priory then, after lunch in a village tea room, we drove into Shrewsbury and had a walk around, admiring some of its fine half-timbered buildings and stopping for a cup of tea and cake. My blip depicts several scenes from the village of Much Wenlock and the priory, including the memorial to William Penny Brookes (1809-1895), who was a surgeon, magistrate, botanist and educationalist, especially known for his promotion of physical education and personal betterment, founding the Wenlock Olympian Games, and widely regarded as being the inspiration behind the modern Olympic Games.

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