72 hour kit

Pulled back the sheet and did one last check of our 72 hour kit.

It sits just outside the kitchen door in the garage and by the rear of my car. If we have to evacuate it's right there to load into the car, ready to go.

I had been through the kit at the beginning of August to make sure it was ready for this hurricane season but with Irma out there, decided I had to look one more time.  

I went to the grocery store to get just a few items we needed for the house and was surprised to see that some shelves were low or empty.  The store manager said they had already put out all the water they had (the shelves were low) and didn't know when they would get more. 

When Kent was driving into work this morning in Lumberton, he stopped at the Sun-Do to get a drink and sent me a text to tell me they had no gas (petrol) and didn't know when they'd be getting more.

The above reinforces the need to keep your 72 hour kit up to date and your vehicle tanks topped off.  Don't do things at the last minute as that is often too late.

Sorry for the rant.  We can't be ready for everything but we can all do our part to be as prepared as we can.  

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