An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

A break from Lola...

Much to my astonishment, I haven't taken any photos of Lola today so far.  In fact when my phone pinged with the 8pm reminder to Blip, I realised I hadn't taken a single photo today.  I was in the hall so popped into the wc to take a quick phone shot of the jug

Lola's been ok today.  Doesn't seem any the worse for her jab. 

Trying to get focussed on choosing wallpaper for Alan's sitting room as the decorators will be here soon and we have asked for that room to be prioritised.  

It has a new oak floor and the sofa is blue so looking for something fresh and contemporary but not highly patterned.  Hoping to narrow it down to two or three samples and let Alan choose (he would quickly lose interest if I showed him any more than a choice of three.  Too overwhelming)  

Just realised that two weeks today David will be off to Portugal for his annual golfing weekend.  Hoping training of Lola has moved on a pace by then!  

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