My View

When you're sat all day with your own craft it's nice to be opposite someone making something interesting. This lady worked all day on a series of images, letting 2 dry while she worked on a 3rd.

She's Sarah Colgate, an artist who runs courses at Penrith. What appealed to me initially about her work was the floral content. You know how I love flowers. Her paintings were taking in the small detail of a corner of a garden, a few pots with nasturtiums tumbling out of them, a profusion of colour against a watercolour wash. It was so like I would seek out for a photo and letting my dof blur the background.

When I talked to her, asking if she minded me posting the shot here, I was more fond of her images as she was basing them on her elderly mother's garden which was being allowed to become just a little wild through her reduced attention to it.

An enjoyable day, not a massive footfall but good conversations with visitors and a course booking taken. It was particularly nice to see blippers, NLN and IWCharters, and I talked to another visitor about Pixelfoto.

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