I am not the biggest fan of hospitals. I have spent way too much time in them. The hospital we have Dad in though is quite nice though.

He is in the secure ward and when we went to visit him this morning he was very cold and shivering. He had fallen asleep without a blanket over him and I believe he had lost some of his core temprature. It happened to me once after a long surgery. It was almost impossible to warm up. So it was with him today and because of his condition he doesn't know how to deal with the situation. Poor fellow. Jo and I spent time tucking him in and warming him up.

When we went back tonight it was a different story. He had managed to dress himself and was ready to go home. It took quite a bit of explaining to tell him that he has to stay in and he wasn't too happy.

Unfortunately for him he is going to undergo a few changes in life when he is discharged. He doesn't know it yet and won't understand when he does.

I am going to work tomorrow against my better judgement. I am torn between family commitments and the knowledge that there have been a lot of layoffs at work. Most of the staff in fact. I don't really need the evil eye of my boss to focus on me. Imagine the dark lord in Lord of the Rings...except more evil in a little man kind of way. That is my boss. If I lost my job it wouldn't be the end of the world, just inconvenient. I don't like choosing between family and work though. Family should always come first and I am consoling myself with the knowledge that there isn't too much I can do for my Father-in-Law while he is in hospital.

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