In the Woods

Miss E's first day back at school and my first Sing and Sign session. A big day!!
I felt a bit guilty that I was a bit stressed about having to dash from school to my taster session at Wendover library and Miss E didn't really get a proper send off to Year 5. No photos, no time to dilly dally and talk about what a fabulous holiday we've had, how much I'm going to miss her and how much I've loved the last eight weeks spending so much time with her and Miss L.
Instead I bundled her out of the car at school, told her I loved her and then dashed to Wendover library to get set up for my taster session.
I was super early - the journey was much quicker than expected - and got all set up and then sat and waited for the Mummies, Daddies and babies. Feeling like I was on death row!!!
It went pretty well. I was thrown by the fact that most of the babies were around four months and I'd prepared a taster for the older age group. I went off script at one point but it that was hideous so I stuck with what I'd practised!
The Home song at the end was a complete disaster - two failed attempts as I couldn't hear the point in the music where I needed to start singing. I got there in the end and they seemed to enjoy it. We'll see if anyone signs up for classes which start next week.
It was such a relief to have it over with!! It can only get easier!
I went to Wickes in Aylesbury on the way home for some more tester pots. There are a few shades of slate blue/grey/green that we haven't tried!!
Then it was to Looby Lu's in Buckingham to meet Mr K and Miss L for a celebratory lunch. BLT, delicious!!!
Then to pick up Miss E and was pleased to hear that on the whole she'd had a good day. She is sad that Miss M has left and said she nearly cried a few times during the day. Of all the people in her class why did her best friend have to leave?!! They wrote songs together and were completely on the same wavelength. Miss E has other friends but she's so sad that none of them are Miss M. 
And there's nothing I can say to make it any better. It is rubbish!! Her first heartbreak.
When we got home she asked could we go for a walk down the woods. She wanted to get some fresh air she said after being indoors all day!
As "luck" would have it her friend Miss B was playing on the trampoline in her garden as we walked past. They live a couple of streets away from us.
Miss B came for a walk with us and then completely spontaneously invited Miss E round to play. And then to dinner. And then for a dip in their hot tub (if you please!!!)
I was mortified! Turning up unannounced and landing on them for dinner!!!
It turns out the whole thing was a set up! Miss B had told her mum they had to get home quick from school because she was starving. When they got home she didn't want to eat at all but was desperate to get out in the garden. Ready to be bouncing on the trampoline when Miss E walked past!!!
I left her there - giggling with Miss B that their plan had been a success - and headed off to Fat Club. Two pounds off, woohoo!!
Mr K collected Miss E at 7pm. She'd had a lovely time, had fishfingers for dinner, been in the hot tub and had gooey chocolate cake. She was happy!!!!

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