Last day!

I managed a nice lie in today, which I felt I really needed. So I was set for a day of sorting and tidying where possible. Between three of us, we tackled the lounge and conservatory. Mollie and Henry went through the DVDs and had a cull. I sorted the books a bit, but need to come back to that. M & H also sorted through our board games, sorting lots for charity. Together with bags of clothes and at least 4 more boxes that used to be car boot stuff, we went in to Cromer. I parked on the high street and took it all into the closest charity shop. They were happy with it. I have to do my wardrobe next week!

I dropped Mollie in Cromer so that she could see her last summer show on the pier, then back home for more cleaning.

Jon got home from a day with the beavers doing bushcraft, and filled his car with Mollie's stuff. It actually doesn't fill the car. I am sure we've forgotten something - but then again, I think Manchester will be able to provide her with anything she needs.

Jon collected her at 7, while I cooked her favourite dinner - fajitas! It hasn't helped my diet, but I can start again Monday. We bought her this light box as a going away present!

Now a bit of x factor, a film, but mainly an evening all together. Tomorrow I guess I will be blipping this gorgeous girl again...but with tears in my eyes.

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