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By Esper

The Pleasure Principle

Very soon after Replicas was released, Gary Numan hit it big again with his album The Pleasure Principle. A seminal album which delivered his second number one single, Cars. The second single from The Pleasure Principle was Complex, a beautiful song which reached number six. Pretty good, but I'm sure that if Gary had chosen Metal as the second single, he would have been looking at his third number one single after Are "Friends" Electric? and Cars.

Lucky I have plenty of cyborgs around the house to get today's blip posted before 6.30 am.

Bonus tracks:

Metal cover by fellow Numanoid, Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor.

Gary performing Metal live with Nine Inch Nails; a birthday treat arranged by Numan's wife because Numan is such a huge Nine Inch Nails fan.

We're in the building

Where they make us grow

And I'm frightened by

The liquid engineers

Like you. 

My Mallory heart

Is sure to fail

I could crawl around the floor

Just like I'm real

Like you. 

The sound of metal

I want to be


I could learn to be a man

Like you. 

Plug me in

And turn me on

Oh everything is moving. 

I need my treatment

It's tomorrow they send me

Singing 'I am an American'.

Do you? 

Picture this

If I could make the change

I'd love to pull the wires from the wall

Did you? 

And who are you

And how can I try

Here inside I like metal

Aren't you 

All I know

Is no-one dies

I'm still confusing love with need.

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