The Mammal's Perspective

By Esper


Another darn near impossible task trying to choose my favourite track from the classic Numan album that is Telekon. Every track is exquisite. However, Please Push No More gets the nod because of its heartbreaking emotional sincerity. Gary Numan, with his cold, android image, opens his heart to his fans with this appeal for distance during what he intended to be his retirement from live performances. The press, and other artists, constantly attacked him for being arrogant and aloof while Numan himself hated being interviewed or dealing with the press. He found out, many years later, that he has Asperger's. No wonder he had such a hard time dealing with his sudden fame. Thankfully, he now has a wonderful wife who has helped him learn how better to handle social interactions.

Please Push No More

Now I'm behind glass
I'll talk to you
The telephone lines blind
You have defaced my face
I bet you laughed at me
You bright young things
And now I need no-one
I miss you, so

Please push no more
Please push no more

Now it's all over for sure
I'll walk back home
We must all come down
We all grow old
We are close, we are hurt
So that was love
And love she kills me
It needs to, so

Please push no more
Please push no more

Please push no more
Please push no more

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