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By Esper


Not difficult to choose my favourite track from Gary's next album, Dance. Not because there are few good tracks to choose from - they're all brilliant - but because "Cry," The Clock Said  stands out as being not only the best track on Dance, but one of the greatest Numan songs ever! Anyone in any doubt about Gary Numan's genius as a songwriter should listen to this. I must have listened to this song hundreds of times and it still gives me goosebumps.


"Cry," The Clock Said

Why cry now?

It's over

Feelings change

How are you?

How am I?

"Cry," the clock said

I know little of romance

And these little tract houses

I know even less of you

And if you should ever think of me

Maybe as a game you lost

Well someone I know lost the whole damn world

No more this talk of they're out to get me

Just slide out of Sydney and I can never go back

How could I be surprised?

How could I even believe?

"Cry, " the clock said

I'll forget who you are

I'll forget one of these days

"Cry," the clock said

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