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By Esper

I, Assassin

Although the Dance album was an artistic triumph, it was, relatively speaking, a bit of a flop, peaking at number three in the album charts. Dance was a very experimental album with no obvious single release. I, Assassin, on the other hand, contained far more commercial fare. However, I, Assassin only reached number eight. It's likely that many Numan fans were alienated by Dance and so did not give I, Assassin a try. That, plus constant press vilification, were starting to take a toll on Numan's sales figures. That's the only way I can think of to explain why such epic singles as Music For Chameleons, We Take Mystery (To Bed) and White Boys And Heroes did not do better in the charts.

Anyway, I've chosen Music For Chameleons, which takes its title from a Truman Capote short story about underworld crime, as my favourite track from I, Assassin. Enjoy.

Music For Chameleons

At 4 o'clock we land
And I'll wave my flag for you
Interest in heart
We are not savage
Like children
We're people
"What difference"? I say

Music for chameleons
Music for chameleons

A dream of Siam
We could leave in the morning
Old friends and shy
We need to win
Like you need to breathe
I've an interest in games

Music for chameleons
Music for chameleons

Gowns for another show
Maybe no-one will come
Here take my arm
I like the pictures
And you like ghost stories
Tomorrow I'll sigh

Music for chameleons
Music for chameleons


Knowing Me, Gary Numan, Knowing You, Alan Partridge

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