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By Esper


Warriors is an interesting album. It marks the beginning of the decline in Numan's career, as far as sales are concerned, with a peak chart position of number twelve, four places lower than I, Assassin. Critics savaged the album's sleeve and Numan's Mad Max image, although many of those same critics heaped praise on Duran Duran when they did the same thing a year later with their Wild Boys video. Many fans were unhappy with the jazz-funk style and the (over?) use of saxophone (can you really have too much Dick Morrissey?), although a (very) few critics actually praised Numan for his bold new direction. Most, however, followed toss-pot Marc Almond. Numan and his fans had got used to this by now, unfortunately. Still, with Savage at number two in the U.K. download chart, and with Gary winning the 2017 Tech Award, he's certainly got the last laugh on Almond; what's he doing now? More Gene Pitney covers?

Anyway, I think Warriors is a brilliant album and I loved the Mad Max image. It looked great on stage with the post-apocalypse suburban stage set. Lots of great tracks, but Love Is Like Clock Law is easily my favourite. Critics say Numan's persona and voice are cold, numb and emotionless. I disagree completely; no singer, with the possible exception of Johnny Cash, sings with more emotional sincerity than Gary Numan as far as I'm concerned. But don't just take my word for it, listen to loneliness and despair in this song for yourself.

This heart is empty
I've barely hidden memories
I've found a picture that haunts me again

I've no sad expression
I've no tears in my eyes
But I am the clown who forgot how to laugh

I wonder, does she think of me?
I wonder, I wonder
I wonder, does she call my name?
I cried
Don't leave me here alone
I cried
Don't leave me, don't leave me

Love is like clock law
Tick tock my heartbeat
I was a passion that passed her spare time

This room is prison
Love doesn't come here
These quiet nights will slowly kill me

I wonder, does she think of me?
I wonder,

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