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By Esper

This Is New Love

I thought I'd go abstract with today's image as the next album on Numan's discography has rather abstract lyrics. Rather than narratives, the lyrics are more like a tapestry of vignettes. Berserker is another great album with an incredibly strong visual image. Every track is a masterpiece of precise and crystal clear production. There are two standout tracks, though. One is The Child With The Ghost, a song about the death of Numan's long-time friend and heroine addict Paul Gardiner. However, I have chosen the equally splendid This Is New Love because watching Numan perform this on a Saturday evening TV show which I cannot remember was the first time I saw his new blue-haired, white-faced image. It was stunning. Also, this was my mum's favourite Numan song.

I watched Alien: Covenant this evening and I thought this image would put an A.I. spin on this song which I think Gary would approve of and which is very much in tune with the philosophical ideas explored in Ridley Scott's increasingly esoteric S.F. horror saga.


Happy, happy memories of watching this concert at the Portsmouth Guildhall. This Is New Love (Live)

We are strangers here
I suppose
We are not welcome
Or so I'm told.
We are not old friends
But believe this,
We can be nightmares.

Picture the man when the heartbeat stops
This is new love.

We are the hunters,
So one by one
You know we'll find you.

Picture the man when the heartbeat stops

These boys of passion
Will rule the world
Put their fingers in a dyke
"Well you know it's what she needed".
These boys of passion
With cruel idiot smiles
Fight for you.
You know, they said so.

Cold fascination
with dead sound.
Oh God let me sleep

Picture the man when the heartbeat stops.

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