Capital adventures

By marchmont

Last day

32 lengths and then to Uptown Damansara again for Dim Sum. It wasn't busy. Maybe the opening of the Starling Mall over the road has affected it, or the holiday weekend. Both Olivia and I managed to get custard from the inside of the pao over us!

Then I got my last purchase, mooncakes, and we headed to Carcosa Seri Negara for the Jalan Merdeka exhibition. The houses have an interesting history being the Colonial HQ and latterly a hotel. It closed last year and an historic trust has taken over with a view to renovating it. The exhibition was very good. The history of Malaya from mid 19th century to after independence including the immigration from China for the tin and S India and Ceylon for the rubber. Then there was the Japanese occupation, independence, the 'Emergency'and the Konfrontasi with Indonesia. It was hot outside vut cool inside. There was a lot organised for Malaysia Day weekend including a group of Urban Sketchers. I was last there in June 2011, Carcosa I think. We failed to get adternoon tea but there is a final family photo so it's a bit of my history too.

On the way back we stopped off at G's enterprise. Good to see the signage up.

Now just doing final relaxing, packing and organising before heading to Sentral. And it will be another 5 and a half months before I'm back. It gets harder to leave every time.

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