Aperture on Life

By SheenaghMclaren

Mehalah's at Oysters and Ale

Who could resist asking a waitress to snap a pic of us sleeping off a good meal?

A friend told me about a restaurant on Mersea Island and I, lover of seafood, thought it a good idea to check it out.  Only a short drive from Colchester, my aunt and cousin joined mother and me for a girly lunch. It was lovely. It's such a rare treat for us to be together.  

The platter of food that arrived in the middle of the table was marvellous. The complete plate is my extra pic. So fresh and full of flavour. We chose to have a bottle of Mahalah, a local wine which I wouldn't  hesitate to savour again.  It was a meal none of us will forget in a hurry. The waitress had doubted we could get through the entire plate.  We did struggle in the end, pushing each other to finish the last of the prawns,  but left completely sated and, in my case, wishing I lived close by.

It was sad to say goodbye but the road home isn't short.  I took Mum back to the wrong side North London where my nieces were waiting for us. A very quick cup of coffee and I was back on the road.  

It has been a very pleasant weekend.

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