Steampunk Wedding

We got up early to get all the gear packed, myself dressed up in my first outfit and be in time in Edinburgh.
We arrived in time and started setting up the Photo Booth. All went well and we actually had plenty of time! 
The bride had organised EVERYTHING in detail, handcrafted ALL the decoration, had a detailed time plan and a clear task schedule for her friends.
It was quite impressive! 
She also did not have bride's maids -  she had Henchwoman!
The groom had associates!
A lot of people were wonderfully dressed up to the theme - it was fabulous. 
My shooting outfit (trousers, white shirt, leather corset and a "Van-Helsing-coat") got a lot of compliments. I was chuffed! 
I spent some time with the bride and the henchwoman in the room then we had to slowly prepare for the ceremony. 
It was a humanist ceremony and was lovely. The celebrant was good fun, he did enjoy the bride walking in with a (plastic) steam gun :)
She had everything thought out - even at the dinner there were "communication rules" (Edinburgh Protocol) that everyone has to tell a story about themselves and others have to wager them on details .. etc!
It was so much fun and so different. 
The evening guests arrived around 7 pm and there was a room set up for board games while a DJ was in the other room.
The photo booth was well frequented and saved me getting shots of everyone. 
I changed to my evening outfit (see main blip) and having the booth set up ensured that there are also photos of us!
We had a great evening - despite the photography work and I think I will never ever be at a wedding better than this one! 
Tiggs definitely set the bar high.
Oh and her sister had made a cake that is second to none! See Extras! It is all edible and handmade!
We were partying until 2 am I think and I had a go at a couple of photos before I went to bed.

The blip is Neil and I in our outfits - as requested by some blippers ;)
This is the evening dress - the photographers outfit is not that visible but I will add a shot in the extras :)

The extras: 
Bride and groom
Bride and Henchwoman
Neil and I - other outfit - photo booth testing :)

I will have a lot to edit over the next days or weeks .....


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