for Mono Monday :)

The original picture was taken Christmas 1965 and is of Sally, one of  my Nannie's labrador's.  

My Nannie was my Dad's Mum and lived on a road above the sea in St Leonards on Sea, Sussex when I was a child.  We stayed there lots when we were children!  She had three dogs, Sally was the eldest, then Sara came and finally Robbie the Westie :)

I am told that the view today is the same as it was could see green grass across the road, then a couple of houses'  chimneys and in front of that the sea.

At night, the old light manual lighthouse from Beachy Head swept past every few minutes, making us feel safe in bed when the weather was bad...and thinking of the poor people trying to make a living in boats.

We went to the beach with the dogs (in the days before dogs were banned in the Summer)...  and over the commons at the back in Winter...wouldn't mind betting they've been built over now.

No one worried that we were out with our cousins just going down the road to the shop (when we were a little older though)...I was just 5 in this picture :)

These visits and happy times made up for all the other times when I was bullied at school (from age 8 til I left at 17) :)

In the car on the way it was 'are we nearly there yet?', because it took between 4 and 6 hours to get there! 

That made it even more of a treat :)

Happy, Happy Memories (I wanted to post a picture of my Nannie and me but I can't find it)  I was very sad when she got alzheimers and became too ill to live there.  She went to live in a granny flat at my Uncle's in Kew for a while, but ended up in a care home.  

The sad things was that by the time she came to my Brother's wedding (the last time I saw her), she was very unwell.  She thought I was my Mother, who she disliked immensely because my Mum walked out on us.  Strangely, I am nothing like my Mum, I am more like Nannie and my Dad!)

Happy Monday folks :)

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