Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Old and new Iceland

Grey and a bit of rain in Reykjavik today where we landed at 6:45 am....we walked all over seeing the wonderful saga museum ( I've been reading some sagas and it was great fun to see them with life size figures and a great soundtrack.) with 9th C the 2011 dazzling Harpa Concert Hall ( google it to see more!) built on the waters edge. The waterfront itself is a mess of construction.. I felt right at home with so many cranes..Bottom is the view from the tower of the Hallgrimskirkja church right across the street from our hotel ( that white building front right) ...( also worth a google) This is the best I can do on maybe 1 hour sleep and more walking than I'm used to.... just about to crash. A fine day ending with traditional fish soup.. hope to be rested for our circle tour tomorrow.... waterfalls and geysers and canyons. BTW, all the northern light tours were cancelled tonight ... too cloudy....I never could have made it... if it were clear I'd be able to see it out the window I'm told.
Goodnight! . it's only 7:20 here!

Edit... added another with Viking ancestry... ( we were too pooped to don whole costumes which would have made a better picture, )

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