Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Tiny Tuesday in the Asters

Last week, one of my nature group friends brought me some New England Aster from his garden (after I'd been telling him that none of my seeds germinated.)  They are quite large, about 4 feet, and traveled 30 or so miles in the back of his pickup, then waited on their sides in the back of my SUV while we walked for 4 hours, then another 20 miles home.  Then, because I didn't get my sh** together for a few days, they sat in bags of dirt in the driveway for 4 days.  You'd think they'd be totally pissed and punish me by dying ... but instead they are blooming gloriously and profusely, attracting droves of pollinators.

I haven't blipped a bee in quite a while so it seemed the perfect day to feature an Eastern Bumble Bee on the New England Asters.  The Queen bumble bees haven't started flying yet but all the males are busy, busy busy.

The garden continues to be alive with Painted Ladies, much to my delight.  And I'm also seeing Giant Swallowtails and a scattering of Cabbage Whites.  

Things are perking along in the Monarch Nursery with several chrysalids looking like they are getting close to being butterflies and still about 8 caterpillars eating milkweed voraciously.  I've had about 10 pupate in the last 3 days.  I expect to release about 30 more monarchs between now and mid-October, putting my season total to somewhere near 140.  

No hummingbirds seen in the garden today.  I usually see a few stragglers through late September so might still get a few more stopping to refuel.  I keep one feeder up through late November, stocked with fresh nectar...just in case.  

Hubs and I are taking MIL to the specialist today so hope he will come up with a good plan for her pain.  

Thank you so very much for stopping by...  And thanks to LoisBiz for hosting TinyTuesday this month!


PS:  and if you'd like to see a rather cute chipmunk, a harvestman hiding in the flowers and one more shot of a bee, visit Flickr, starting HERE

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