Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

She's a lady...

A Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) to be precise, and one of about a half dozen that were adorning my garden today.  Also a species that will be familiar to many of you as they range on all continents except Australia and Antarctica (one wonders - are there any butterflies in Antarctica??)   I was debating blipping a Clearwing Moth just because it's so late in the season to be seeing one, but opted for the Lady.  The Moth is worth a look, though if you have a moment.

This image is a composite of two that were stacked in photoshop to get better front-to-back focus.  Hard to focus stack insects since they tend to move around a lot, so I feel a certain level of victory with this.  

One hummer in the garden today, refueling for the trip south.  Loads of bees and solitary wasps.  Kettles of vultures passing overhead.  Leaves falling softly from the trees.  Signs of fall everywhere.

Hubs got home around 2 this afternoon - exhausted but happy.  The team ended up with a third place finish in yesterday's 9-hour race, so they even have bragging rights.  

I scored an appointment tomorrow for MIL with a gastro doc to evaluate the gallbladder issue - glad we don't have to wait.  Good news is that she's not complained of any pain today so revisions to her diet may be giving her some relief.  

After only one monarch release yesterday, all was quiet in the nursery today.  It looks like it may be a few days until the next rush of arrivals.  Meanwhile, I've got lots of fat fifth instars busy eating with some 3rd and 4th instars trying to catch up.  I expect by this weekend that the youngest will be getting to pupate.  Good thing, too, because the milkweed is getting pretty ragged by this time of year and its harder to find good plants to feed them.  Monarch released so far this season - 107.  

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