Out in the afternoon to see Red who is currently laid up in the RIE with lurgy - by all accounts (OK, only Smiffy's) he's one heck of a lot better than he was a week back. Given that the problem is killer bacteria, I made sure that I rubbed down the tinnies I'd smuggled in with that antiseptic hand wash. How those gargles revived the lad - soon he was arguing the toss with Smithers. R.E.M. played Stirling in '99! Springsteen - he didn't know what a six string bass was!
But I couldn't stay. Well, the consultant wanted to have a talk so we bailed out.
Besides, I'd a birthday meal to attend up at Rumble and a fine shirt to pull on. I just hope the shirt wasn't a bit 'young' - well, the birthday was of someone in their late fifties after all. Sorry, I mean mid-fifties. It's an elastic thing. No, not my shirt. Though I wish it was, like my flannels.

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