Sunday - Recovery

I did not have a great night as the bacon roll I dared to eat at the wedding party was not a good idea.
Between 5 and 7 am I was extremely poorly and the bathroom was my best friend. Neil slept so deeply, he did not even notice my whining.
Luckily the pain ceased after 2 hours and I got some sleep.
Definitely learned a lesson and will stay away from cheap wheat bakery in the UK. As much I enjoyed the bacon roll at the time, it was not worth it. 
It seems to be true what I was told by a local baker. They add emulsifiers to bread and rolls here which is not allowed in the rest of Europe and  he also said that the wheat quality here is quite poor. He was sure I would not have any issues with continental produce - and this seems to be true! Quite shocking!
We got up late and my breakfast was camomile tea! Thanks god the check out time was 12 pm.
On the way home from Edinburgh we stopped by at the Blochairn Car boot sale and got a shock seeing how much the fire a few weeks ago had destroyed!!! Today was the first day it was opened again, but half of the market hall is gone.
At home my only wish was to go on the couch and sooth my weak body. And that's where we spent the rest of the day!
Nothing more to report :)

Thanks for all the lovely comments to my Steampunk Wedding Blip yesterday :)

Today's blip - Blochairn fire damages

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