I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Wednesday at Canyon Gate >> #7 << 7:12 am

We were on the second tee box, turned around and saw that there were two guys getting ready to climb the palm trees to trim them. No one was behind us, so we wanted to see if they were going to jump from tree to tree. This guy was done with his tree first, waved at us, gave a pose and down the tree he goes. This all happened in less than 5 minutes!  How wild is that?

We noticed that the killdeer birds were all in a twitter this morning. Usually they are vocal when protecting their nests or little ones. This morning they were flying around and vocalizing most of the morning. 

When we were on the 17th hole we saw the reason they were so upset. (see extra) A Red Tailed Hawk was hunting. That was pretty wild, too. I am going to tag these for Wild Wednesday along with my golf course series.

Thank you Cailleach for hosting this challenge. I think this will give me an extra challenge to find something wild on the golf course. Not usually hard to do!

I am grateful that my golf buddies are as tuned-in to finding Blips as I am. My friend Cathy was the one that said we had to watch these guys and told me to have my camera ready.

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