Flash, The Dog Who Nobody Wanted To Keep

I spotted Flash gambolling in the stubble in the distance as I got out of the car at Lodge Farm. He loped across the field towards us as I'd just started talking to his master. He is quite tall and rangy, I wondered whether he is a pure bred Labrador or some sort of crossbreed.

I was told that he is a pedigree Labrador from the same breeder as the man's pretty Golden Labrador Princess, who was with him. Flash has spent his ten years being passed from pillar to post, never knowing where to call home as nobody wanted to keep him. I can't think why as he is so adoreable. The man offered to take him and care for him. Flash has at last fallen on his feet. The man lives in a lovely area not far from Sir Cliff's old house. He has some land and eight sheep to keep the grass down and loves Princess and Flash to bits. 

I was delighted to spot a small herd of deer on my walk and interested to see two crows mobbing a red kite. I got pics of both but my blip had to be darling Flash.

Today's poem is If It Be Your Will by Leonard Cohen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mqhuNrdwFw

It's a song so I've linked to Leonard singing rather than to the lyrics. LC was a Jew who practised Zen Buddhism. His interest in Judaism was reawakened and he started using Hebrew prayer in his songs. This was inspired by the opening lines of the Yom Kippur eve service. It's beautiful. My French sister loves the late Leonard Cohen's songs. "If it be your will to make us well. And draw us near and bind us tight," 

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