Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Traditional Architecture

We've actually been home all day (too hot to go out for just a blip), so this is actually one from yesterday when we reacquainted ourselves with Bastakiya and the traditional architecture of this land.

These windtower houses made of coral were homes to wealthy merchants who built them close to the Creek - 1. because there's more of a breeze near water, and 2. because it means they could race out to check on the cargo that came in via dhows on the Creek. True story.

For a long time while Dubai was rapidly developing, the merchants moved out into new homes made of bricks and concrete and this area became very derelict housing low income families; but that has changed again as since the late 1990's, the Government took charge of the area again to re-develop it to show off its cultural history and legacy.

Today, it is home to art galleries and museums and maybe even the occasional B&B. The plan is to return in cooler weather and I was drenched just being out for fifteen minutes.

As for today, a new restaurant has opened downstairs; not great news for us as it can get noisy.

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