Journey Through Time

By Sue

Cannon Beach Sunset

Beach Getaway - Day 1

All photos can be seen on my Flickr page.

We got up, got ourselves together and off we went. We stopped at Arcadia beach to stretch our legs and I went down to the beach for a few shots of the rocks there. The weather was windy, but the sun was shining, the air was clean. So, my nose started to drip, but that happens in the bright sun sometimes, right? We couldn't check into our room until 4 p.m., so we kept on heading south and went to Wheeler, which is a small town south of Cannon Beach. There are several small coastal communities all lined up...Cannon Beach, Arch Cape, Neahkahnie, Manzanita, Nehalem then Wheeler. We went to an antique store there then got a treat at a little bakery. Walked past the pharmacy that I used to work at when we lived in Manzanita. It's all closed up now. Sad to see that. So, back to Manzanita and we decided to have lunch at Left Coast Siesta Mexican restaurant. We know the people who own that, but they weren't there yet. I had a delicious chicken lime enchilada. Bill usually has cheese. Then off we went to the beach. There was a strong wind blowing and several wind surfers were playing in the waves. The bright sunlight off of the water made me sneeze. And my nose just wouldn't quit dripping. We opted to walk around the residential section of the town, and on those streets it was really nice and warm. We went to the new grocery that is there and looked it over. Very nice. A lovely addition to Manzanita. We headed back to Cannon Beach as it was getting closer to 4. We got the keys to our cottage, got settled in, then walked down to the beach. The cottages are from 1941 and are being remodeled. So cute! A short walk got us to the beach and from there it's a decent walk to the main attraction in Cannon Beach: Haystack Rock. There are a few other companion rocks called The Needles. It acts like a giant magnet, especially at low tide when the tide pools are reachable. We went back to the cottage and decided to eat at Mo's, which is south of Cannon Beach. We went there and I had their fish and chips and Bill had a big bowl of clam chowder. With the salad and the chowder that also comes with my dinner, I couldn't eat it all, so ended up saving two pieces of fish and some fries which ended up being part of our dinner for Thursday. Clever, no? So...went out on the beach as the sun was low in the sky and the clouds looked promising. Haystack Rock is to the north of us, and photographers are milling about. The EVENT is about to begin. And Mother Nature gave us a lovely show. Thank you, thank you. Of course, all the while my dripping nose is getting worse. The sneezing is getting annoying. I am turning into THE HUMAN FAUCET! Think Niagara Falls. What in the world? It didn't feel like a cold, more like some giant allergy attack.

After taking a hundred photos, we went back to the cottage, turned on the fireplace and settled in. I was so tired. It'd been a long, full day and this sneezing and the floodgate of liquid that was threatening to drown me was highly taxing. Did I sleep? Hell no. Not much. Great, just freakin' great.

PS I didn't do a darn thing to this photo. No saturation needed.

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