Journey Through Time

By Sue

Ah Choo!

Bill and Sue's Anniversary Getaway starts here. Be sure not to miss these gorgeous sunset photos that I was able to take. There is a link there to view the rest of the photos.

After sleeping the sleep of the dead, except for waking up at 2 a.m. because the breaker blew for our bedroom area. Bill had to go fix it and then we got fans going again. It was quite warm in our bedroom last night as this summer weather is continuing. Turns out that when we got up in the morning, the Internet, phone and TV was out for us and our area. I have no idea why, but it came on not long after Bill had called on the cell to find out that info. Don't know if that had anything to do with the breaker going out at 2 a.m, but maybe.

So, this is the uninspired image for the day. Actually I didn't take this medicine as it's non drowsy and that sometimes backfires on me. I found the generic liquid daytime cold medicine, which I took. It lasts for 4 hours, so that's better. I should have gotten some when we were in Cannon Beach. Silly girl. Hopefully that will help a little bit in my attempt not to drown in my own juices. Disgusting, I know...but most colds are.

Despite all of that, and I was disappointed my enjoyment of our getaway was tarnished by me being sick, we had a nice time and I did exactly what I wanted to do on this trip...which was to walk on the beach! And walk some more. And take photos and enjoy the beauty of the Northern Oregon Coast. I know this was long, but if you stayed with me, thanks. And I hope you took a quick look at the other photos, because some of them are pretty darn gorgeous.

Bill has harvested the tomatoes today. Good grief. Well, because he planted late, we have a late crop and they all came in at once. I'll be freezing some.

I think I'll go blow my nose now and rest. Thank you and God Bless!

PS Bill has sneezed twice today. Oh, honey..I'm sorry!

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