Journey Through Time

By Sue

Peter Iredale

Peter Iredale

Day 3:

Slept better, thankfully. Water works still in full force, sneezing continues. Hmmmm. This must be a cold thing. Got our stuff packed up at in the car and off we went, after our cereal. We went north, first to Seaside. We drove around a bit, but didn't walk on the beach as the fog was pretty thick. I did see a guy in a canoe on the little river that runs through town and we stopped and I got a few shots of him in the fog from the bridge. Canoe's are so pretty.

I wanted to go to Ft. Steven's State Park and see the remains of the Peter Iredale. Haven't seen it in years and years and, in all honestly, I was thinking it would be a nice blip. Ft. Steven's is really a great park. It's big and there is a lake, and camping, and hiking/biking/horse trails and there are old bunker's left over from one of the world wars. Must be No. 2. Anyway, it was foggy and I liked the way the remains of this ship looked in the fog.

We went in to Astoria and walked around. The sun was out there and it was warm, if you were protected from the cool wind. We went to an antique store or two and we found a good place for lunch. I had the best chipotle steak burrito! We actually sat outside with the sun on our backs on an eating deck. It was a brew pub place and it was next to a bakery, so when we left we went into the bakery and got a mini cinnamon roll for each of us for a later treat. Then, of course, to the Astoria Column! What a view. Can't beat it. We got to talking to other visitors and that was fun for me, as one group was from Hawaii. Then as I was walking past the column, taking photos of course, I heard this incredible music coming from the open door. I went in and there was a man standing on the stairs, playing his violin. I took his photo and he started to walk up the stairs playing his violin with this incredible acoustics from being inside the column. Wow! That photo, and all the others are here on Flickr..

We started for home, but stopped in the little town of Clatskanie, Oregon which is known for absolutely nothing except maybe the amount of log trucks driving through. However, they did have a coffee shop called Latte' Da, and we got our latte's and ate our rolls. Yum. I needed comfort food, as I kept blowing and sneezing....well, mostly blowing. I didn't realize how much liquid the human sinuses can make. Remarkable.

Got home, unpacked, started washing machine, ate the other half of my burrito that I had saved from lunch, worked on the photos. We watched Grimm (filmed in Portland, dontcha know!) and then I went to bed. Took awhile, but eventually fell asleep...A good sleep. By now I'd pretty much figured out, that I guess this is a drippy, soggy head cold. It just started out differently than most.

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