But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave


After delivering Herself to the quilt show for a stint on the Linus stall I headed back up to the hills armed with the filters that I had forgotten yesterday. I’m not, generally, one for using filters but, it seems that they are compulsory for my planned trip to St Kilda. I know it’s nearly a year away but I thought I ought to buy some and practise using them; although there was a bit of sun, the sky was unsuited to using either the polariser or the graduated one. So I had another shot with infra-red; I find my results intriguing, but not so much so that I’m pleased with them so, having seen the results that Kaybee gets with his converted Panasonic, I’m taking the plunge and have my spare body converted. I just need to work out exactly what my requirement is which means eliminating my basic ignorance on the subject.
Today’s experience has left the girls are somewhat disenchanted with quilt shows as a means of promoting Project Linus; the time and cost seems to outweigh any benefits. Although I don’t begrudge my input, over the week-end I have spent six hours driving 150 miles to taxi Mrs TD around – plus a little extra to set up the stall; it would have been of greater benefit to both myself and the quilting community to have made a donation. That, I’m afraid, is common in the charitable world. Some fifty years ago, I helped organise an event to raise money for a local charity; we were invited to a reception to hand over the cheque and receive plaudits from the charity involved. I was acutely aware that those who had donated the money that we raised were, by and large, the beneficiaries of the charity. I found the experience somewhat chastening.

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