Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

1067. Arron and his new light!

On Granny babysitting duties this morning so went over to collect him whilst Mum went to the hairdresser.....he has been making a new light for his bedroom and was anxious to show it to me.....a perfect Blip for today!

Apparently it's a wee kit and it has battery operated lights on it too...I thought it was rather nice!

Took him into town for a little while and met up with the boy for a coffee and a chat...big day tomorrow for him with his Cisco Networking Exam...I do hope he gets on ok....

Arron and his Mum then stayed at ours for lunch...sausages...homemade oven baked chips and peas!  The house is all peaceful again now as the wee man and his Mum have gone home and hubby has gone to collect the car after its service.  

We had a wee surprise this afternoon when the garage sent hubby a video of the bizarre was that?  I guess it re-assures people who perhaps think the garage just parks their car up for the day!

Ok so just had a real bit of messing about with this photo which I took with my iPhone....suddenly after iOS 11 the camera doesn't save the files as jpegs any more unless you disable their new HEIF file type as these files won't upload to Blipfoto for some reason...the file size was only 1MB but once I converted it back to a jpeg it was suddenly 73.5MB!

So took the photo on the iPhone..processed it in Luminar on my Mac then had to import it into Colour Efex Pro 4 as Photoshop refused to open the file...then export it back to Photos to upload to Blip...for goodness sake Apple get a grip...that's ridiculous!

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