Possibly My Last Swim?

It's been pretty darn toasty here lately. With a high temperature of 88 degrees F on this day, my husband and I decided to visit another swimming hole we know of, in the woods of central Pennsylvania.

So late in the afternoon, after my work day's obligations were done, we grabbed a few things, jumped in the car, and headed for the woods. We took our swim fins along, towels, a cooler, music, and some chairs. Yes, this time I remembered my suit!

Above you may see a photo of the place where we swam. The water was comfortable and very calm. There were little fish in there, and I spotted what I think was a tiny nose above the surface that may have been a little snake. However, it submerged and I never saw it again. (I did, however, stay away from that section, just in case.)

We put our chairs and the rest of the stuff we brought with us in the shade, and then swam in the middle of the sunny waters. With fins on, it was easy swimming, I am happy to report, and the water temperature was quite comfortable.

As the shadows started to grow longer, it was time for us to leave the lake. A lone bird swam across the water, leaving ripples in its wake. The late-day sun lit up the start of the fall colors along the water, and this was one of my last views before we left this place.

With the weather as warm as it's been, we've felt compelled to get out in the water to make ourselves more comfortable. A cooler trend is expected starting this Thursday, and I welcome it. Will this have been my last swim of summer? Barring any unforeseen events, it just might be the end!

The soundtrack: The Doors, with The End.

P.S. We've been trying to fit in as much swimming as possible in the past two weeks. Here were a few more of our recent woods-and-waters expeditions:

Whipple Dam
Near Pine Creek
Bald Eagle Creek

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