Arnside and beyond

By gladders


It was flukey timing that as I focussed the camera, the fisherman at the water's edge pulled a fluke from the pool of light on the still water of the estuary. A fluke is a flat fish, otherwise known as a flounder. This was two days ago as I write this, one of those perfectly still evenings, the tide just beginning to ebb, the estuarine water calm and mirrorlike.  The estuary was strangely lit in milky light, and the sun was about to dip into a bank of hazy cloud.

Gus and I had a longer walk than usual, going as far as Blackstone Point. It was the third walk of the day, I am trying to do a bit more distance each day. We were both exhausted when we got back, Gus showing a little stiffness and me just weary. It was worth it though, the estuary is different every day, but it is rarely quite so still as this. Even as the tide fell, there was hardly any discernible movement in the water, it just gently shrank away.

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