Good job the engines aren't running!

Ex RAF Kemble (now known as 'Cotswold Airport) is quite a busy little provincial airport just South of Cirencester and they were hosting a Vintage and Wartime open day. Someone said it was a practice run for a two day event next year.
Was there quite early and left at about 14:30, weather was just starting to turn. It was scheduled to go on until 21:00 with a musical 'Balloon Glow' display  of hot air balloons flaming up in time to the music. Looks like it was going to be cancelled due to the expected winds and rain.
Good day nonetheless with lots of people dressed up in old military and civilian costumes. Spoke to a member of 101 Airborne (Band of Brothers), but he was only pretending but the uniform looked authentic.
Saluted 3 or 4 people in RAF Officer uniform but a couple of them have obviously never had to return a salute in their life as they didn't have a clue HAHAHAHAHA

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