My Train Enters the Station

Today I visited my parents as usual for a Monday. My Dad decided he wanted to go to Lincoln to buy new single beds for himself and my Mum.  So we went to Clayton's, the nicer furniture store, and they got a couple of lovely beds with good quality mattresses. 

I like the shop as there's no pushy sales. They tell you what's available and leave you to your own devices. You can lie down on the beds to test the mattresses, and I tested a few myself. Shame we've only recently bought a mattress, as I found a perfect one.

While my Dad completed the purchase, I had a look at their sofas, and was delighted to see that you CAN get a fabric recliner sofa! (I'd been wrongly told that they only come in leather.) I definitely don't want another leather sofa, as they show the cat-claw marks too much!  Now I just need to persuade Brian to part with £400, so we can get one of their reduced ones - and I will pay the rest!

I took this shot of my train arriving to go home, and decided to make it fit the mono Monday theme. Thanks to JDO for hosting!

I now have some hoovering and decluttering to do! 

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