Peggy Sue might be relaxed but I can't say the same for myself.  Now that the sale of our business seems to be finally underway, the amount of 'stuff' that has to gone through is astonishing! Today's workload wasn't helped by the fact that we were having work done in the bathroom (my office is in my home) which meant no heating and the front door open half the day, so I've been cold as well as rather agitated.

I did try for a Tiny Tuesday shot but by the time I got outside, the light was poor and my spider web shots were rather fuzzy, so Peggy Sue it is.

It is one week today since we said goodbye to Lilly.  I have felt sad on several levels.  We miss our feline companion of 17 years of course but more than that I've found myself reflecting on the briefness and fragility of our lives in general, something brought sharply to our attention by the horror of Sunday night in Las Vegas.  Such senseless destruction.  Surely now there will be a move to amend the gun laws in America.

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