AbstractThursday 119 Autumnal

Today, being the first Thursday of the month, there is no particular theme for AT, but Autumn seemed appropriate.  Thursday is my Slimming World day which takes up part of the morning and then I had work of the paid variety to do.  I didn't make very much progress with that as I had to sort out my email and Linked In accounts: I do not get taken in by phishing emails...except I did the other day.  I did do a full scan of my PC of course and change email passwords etc but this morningI realised my Linked In account had been hacked when I received a flood of emails accepting my invitations to connect!  All sorted now hopefully, but very annoying and time consuming.
This evening I picked Violet up as she is having a sleepover with us tonight.  Before I went to fetch her I took some hasty shots in the front garden for today's blip.  The main shot started out as a pile of leaves in our front drive, given the extrude treatment in PS Elements.  The orange and green extra is the pyracantha in the front garden: I've moved the camera to give a blurry effect and posterised the result.  The rainbow extra is a close up of an iridescent butterfly beanbag toy that I have for Violet..  I might change one of these to the main image later.
I'm not feeling quite so cheerless today and hope to actually get back to commenting very soon.  Thank you again to all who've visited my journal recently and left such lovely comments

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