By Doyley22


I haven't attempted deliberate blurring to take a photo before - I always thought you needed to have it in focus!  This is it for today.  It is an blurred abstract of the Bruns Felsia we have in our garden downstairs.  They are stunning plants - the flowers start out purple, fade to mauve and then end up white.  The perfume is exquisite.  Apparently the seeds can make a dog quite ill.  
The Extra was taken at Araluen Country Club where we played foursomes.   Trees coming into leaf and I do not know the name of the mass of purple flower - exhausting business playing golf, even when you have a cart to ride in.  The birthday girl and I did well.  Came home with another prize.  A great day.  
Thank you to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday 119.

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