Beautiful Arlanda

Today we took off from Manchester airport, which seems designed to deliver as many customers as possible to the commercial outlets within, and is an experience to be endured rather than enjoyed.
We landed at Arlanda airport near Stockholm and had a three hour wait for our connection to Sundsvall. Arlanda is usually a pleasant experience and today was no exception. There is an air of calm in the airport. It is easy to navigate. There are plenty of opportunities to shop if that’s your choice but it also offers room to sit quietly and look at the view. You can plug your devices in. The wifi works and gives you 3 hours for free. I get the feeling that Arlanda was actually designed to give passengers a comfortable experience.
In today’s blip you see one of the public areas in Sky City, with stylish and comfortable seating and lots of light and space. Even the weather seems to be welcoming us back to Sweden!
This is today's backblip - today's real blip (sunflower) is here.

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