Typical Woman .

Statistics indicate  that  a woman will choose a car for its colour .Who cares about engines ?  Guilty as charged. Look at these bottles of beer. I'm not a beer drinker yet find myself looking at these these each time I go shopping .The presentation is terrific .'Just up my street '.Each has a label informing you if it's dry or fruity and what it's best eaten with . They are my blip for today . It's rained , blown , needed sunglasses ,the works ! Now the rain has returned and I'm off to a bat evening .What do bats do in the rain .?..About to find out .As like as not just hang around  in side .
So cheers to all of you ....Yes, yes will come back a little battier
Note ) The hoodies breakfasted on my balcony .Couldn't be happier had I won the lottery .

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