Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

I took almost the whole garden inside today. At least it feels like it... A big pot of sallat, my hydrangea (keeping my fingers crossed it'll last through the winter), my different kinds of basil and my fennel. Outside still is the brussels sprouts, I have yet harvested leaf spinach and arugula, and my lavender plants is still outside, now in one of the green houses, but anyway. My strawberry and wild strawberry will get cozy under a fiber felt cover and the lavenders I'm not sure if they'll be happier inside or outside.
I spent the beginning of the day at the gym. First a workout and then came my friend who works there, so I helped her out for a bit and we had such laughs! 
So, the supplier of toilet paper hasn't delivered and the gym is completely out of toilet paper. Today I told my friend that she should put up notices about this. So we wrote together, with a big warning sign at the top of the paper saying WARNING surrounded by yellow and black. That should be noticed, right? I put one on the outside door to the larger toilette, one on the mens dressingroom door, one on the ladies dressingroom door, and one on the ladies toilet door - inside the ladies dressingroom. My friend took one to put inside the mens dressingroom toilet door, since I don't work there - but she does. It was really a noticeable notice, I thought. Like in your face noticeable. My friend told me that no one reads her signs... I told her that I've missed some on the front door, but that's just because there already are lots of information on the front door and one more or less... On a white door to the dressing room, it should definitely be noticeable! But, minutes after we'd put the signs up - and there were no one inside the ladies toilette when I put the sign up... a woman came and told my friend that the toilette paper was finished... Um, didn't you see the sign? What sign?? Ok, well, we did what we could. If anyone walks in to the toilette and doesn't read the paper on the door... not our fault! 

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