It's the story of my life - if I find a bargain it's never my size!

Saw this beautiful bright pink bra in M&S reduced to £5 - however, it was a 34DD, so I didn't even bother to try it on!! 

Having said that, it makes a great Blip for BCAM and I'm sure someone will "snap it up" before too long - I don't like balcony bras anyway and the wires always dig in, so if I started wearing something like this, Mr. HCB would be surprised and it might give him ideas!! 

So be grateful today it wasn't a selfie in a bright pink bra - now that would have been silly, but I am tagging this even though it isn't a genuinely "silly" photograph! 

Please remember to click on this link so that those who cannot afford to pay may have a free mammogram. 

“Don’t let breast cancer 
     take away the
               to achieve
                    your dreams.”

Diana Cohen : breast cancer survivor

P.S.  On another note, there have been a spate of thefts from cars in our area just recently - when we went out to our car this morning, I knew as soon as I opened the door that someone had been inside, as CDs were strewn on the carpet on the passenger side and several other things were out of place.  I rang the Police immediately, but there isn't much they can do, except possibly link it to the other thefts in the area.  I am just glad that no-one was hurt, our car is still intact and hopefully the perpetrator will soon be caught. We will NOT let this incident blight our lives.  

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